Stop Making Too Much Excuses and Get Involved in Your Health!


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Health and Fitness Training site is intended for all those who are enthusiastic and are willing to take action to keep their body in good physical condition. I am over 60 years old who practices what he preaches. I have been running for over 40 years and been bowling in a league for about 25 years. I take care of my health and fitness very seriously so much so that everything that needs to be done have to wait until I take care of my physical condition. I believe that if you take care of your body your body will take care of you. I am in good physical condition and thanks to the God Almighty for giving me the determination and desire to be able to practice what I preach. I hear a lot of people including some of my good friends complaining about their health issues. I always try to tell them just stop talking and start running and or do some kind of exercise to live a healthy life.

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 Fitness trainers and instructors lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities, including cardiovascular.
 Looking for a new challenge or need some additional motivation? A certified YMCA Personal Trainer can be just what you need.
 Health and FitnessNutrition is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food.


Most people’s complaints come from saying I work too hard and do not have time to exercise. It is very funny to hear some people talk about not having enough time. These same people who complain work only 8 (eight) hours a day leaving them with 16 (sixteen) extra hours to do any other duties they chose to. In other word if they want to be in good health they must do what is necessary not just complain. You see the way I see it they have an ample time to participate in any physical activity they chose. I f they can work for someone for 8 (eight) hours a day I do believe they can find at least an hours to take care of their body.
Your health and fitness training is nothing more than a mindset. Decide what you want to do to be healthy and fit and go out and take action. Talking all about just I want to be healthy and fit by itself will not make one fit or healthy but rather makes one just a dreamer.

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